Why was this game made?

GameDotEXE is my game jam entry for the metagame jam game.

What is this game about?

This is a game about making a game on an old computer. Where you have assets to create a game, but it is your task to choose which ones are added. 

To win the game you have to build a game, play it, and then win it.

You will be able to choose what art goes into your project. You'll also be able to add up to 9 levels, but if you have no art - then you can't play your game. Up to 4 sounds can be added into the project for when player attacks. 

Be careful of bugs, if you do not click them, they will destroy your project (one way or another). Bugs will not hurt your player, but if enemies bump into you - they will take away some of your health.


Who made this game?
Art/Music/Sound/Dev/Design/CoffeeDrinker  - Yanni Hajioannou (Yak Studios LLC)

Controls (Playing game):

  • WASD - Moves the player when you start your game
  • Space Bar - Fires a projectile to kill the enemy (not bug)

Controls (Making game):

  • Click folders to open/close
  • Click Play to start your game
  • Click Bugs to kill them


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This game is really fun! Without instructions it would be hard to play, and the controls for the game in the game are a little weird to get used to because you have to let go of one button to press another. That might only be my problem though. I mean it, I really did enjoy your game! The idea was well executed, and I was surprised to see that only one person made this game. Well done!

Thanks Xenos C:

I think maybe doing a "Clippy" type of implementation in the future could be a fun intro for the player. I'm glad you were able to get into it :) 
When making the controls I thought maybe limiting the number of buttons you could press to move would emulate the limited factor of things retro :3 

I appreciate your kind words and feedback ^_^